Industrial plant construction​

​- Topping plant , 10,000 BPSD, NIOC, Alborz field
- Industrial plant near Ghom, turn-key including off-site facilities construction
- Power plant, 10,000 KVA, TEB, Tehran, Structural, mechanical
- Oil Mill, BIG, Behshahr, structural, mechanical
- Ore Loading Plant, PSO, Bandar Abbas, structural, mechanical
- Fertilizer Factory, NPC, Marvdasht near Shiraz, structural, mechanical
- Soda Ash Plant, 63,000 MITPY, NPC, Marvdashtnear Shiraz, turn-key incling Industrial water treatment system
- Fars Refinery, 40,000 BPSD, NIOC, near Shiraz- Civil, building, structural, off-site mechanical
- Oil Distillation Complex, 20,000 BPSD, NIOC, Lavanisland, civil, building, structural, mechanical, insulation, painting
- Carbon Black Plant, 16,000 MTPY, ICC, Ahwaz, turn-key including access road
- Plasticizer Plant, IRNIP, Bandar Imam, civil, building, structura
- Cement Factory, ACC, near Esfahan, structural & mechanical
- LPG Blending/Loading Facilities, OSCO, Bandar Mahshahr, turn-key
- Solar Salt-Works, 24,000,000 sq.m., IJPC, Bandar Imam, turn-key
- Pile Factory, IJPC, Bandar Imam, civil, building & structural
- Olefin Plant, 330,000, MTPY ethylene, IJPC, Bandar Imam , Civil, Building & Structural
- Chlorine-Alkali Plant, 220,000 MTPY, IJPC, Bandar Imam , civil, building & structural
- Electrolysis plant, 220,000 MIPY, chlorine, IJPC, Bandar Imam , civil, building & structural
- Shiraz Petrochemical Complex Expansion, NPC, Marvdasht near Shiraz, Site prepration, Roads, Civil, Building, Structural,
 U.G Piping and Sewerage
- Chlorine-Alkani Plant, 150,000MTA, NPC, Marvdasht, Civil, Building, Structural, Roads, U.G piping Interconnecting piping, Tankage
- Methanol Plant 255 MT/ day, NPC, Marvdasht, civil, building, structural, roads, mechanical, electrical, instruments, insulation, painting
- Rolling Mill, 500,000 MT/yr, Khorasan Steel Complex Neyshabur, mechanical, piping, electrical, automation, refectory, insulation
- South Pars Phases 2&3 Onshore Facilities Civil Works for Pipe Racks , Pipe sleeper, Tank foundation, Reception facilities foundation
- South Pars Phases 4&5Onshore Facilities Civil & Building works
- South Pars phases9&10Onshore Facilities TGTU Tail Gas Treatment Unit, plant reception facilities and underground network Mechanical
   Erection, Piping, Structural Steel, Electrical, Instruments, Insulation, Painting
- South Pars Phase 12 - Onshore Facilities EPC3(Gas processing, Gas Treatment, Sulfur Recovery and Related Facilities)
- South pars Phase 19 - Onshore Fasilities Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and I&C Works of Utilities (SC4) and execution of Civil,
 and Mechanical Works of Gas Sweetening Units & Burn Pit Zone (SC2-2)
- South Pars Phase 14 - Onshore Facilities Civil, Underground Piping Network and Steel Structure of Units 140 , 141 , 142 , 143 , 145 & 160