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LOCATION   : Bushehr, Iran

OWNER   : National  Iranian Oil Production and Distribution Company        

TYPE OF CONTRACT  : Direct with the Owner

DESCRIPTION OF WORKS      : Complete construction of 170m long berthing space Fuel Supply Jetty including, earth works, dredging, driving of 22" and 24" tubular steel piles of 28 to 34 meters long, wooden piles, rubber fenders, steel bridge & supports, concrete deck, cathodic protection, electrical works, piping & miscellaneous jetty accessories.


LOCATION  : Bandar Abbas, Persian Gulf

OWNER : Iranian Ports and Shipping Organization (PSO)

TYPE OF CONTRACT:Subcontractor to STOKVIS, Holland

DESCRIPTION OF THE WORKS:Erection of complete one loading facilities extending into the sea.Height: about 30 m.Single weight of heaviest steel member : 25 tons.