Gamma co. has always tried to have a comprehensive approach in order to continually improve the working environment, objectives and products implementing IMS system. Since Gamma is considered as one of the most reputable general contractors, it has defined the extent of IMS standards as follows:

-  Executing Projects Such as civil, mechanical, electrical, and instruments including Logistic activities, such as procurement, training, etc.

-  Daily activities, responsibilities and authorities.

-  Quality Management System.

-  Defining, evaluating and controlling safety hazards and occupational health and safety assessment to minimize dangers by company’s activities.

-  Continual improvement of management systems in IMS.

-  To ensure that the policies executed regarding quality, environment and health and safety are 
 parallel with the approved measures.

-  A reference guide for the personnel in the central office, employer and auditors who will evaluate the IMS in Gamma.

-  Reference guide to confirm the compatibility of standards by an external organization.

All the plans and some of the quality related documents regarding different stages of the project  
have been drawn by the employer and notified to Quality Management system in Gamma.

Regarding OHSAS, it should be noted that OHSAS 18001:2007 standards are to achieve occupational health and safety, such as health plans for employees and financial or safety damages of the product.

The Integrated Management System in Gamma is based is on international standards ISO 9001, 2008- OHSAS 18001-2007 and ISO 14001 which has been drawn, documented and executed throughout the organization. And the continual effectiveness of these systems has been measured as follows:

The process of Quality Management System and occupational health and safety documents and environmental document regarding management are required in procedures, manuals and forms which have been designed, edited and documented and are accessible both electronically or in paper and can be checked periodically.

-  Sequence and interaction of this process and documents has been specified throughout the organization using “The Process Approach”.

-  While planning and executing Quality Management System, it is required to control the effectiveness of the identified process and management system. So the criteria and methods are determined to ensure that the operation and control of these processes are effective.

-  While planning and establishing an IMS system, the availability of resources and information necessary to support the operation must be ensured and monitored. If either internal or external auditing proves lack of resources, these resources must be provided by the Management Director or his representative. Obviously Gamma is fully committed to providing future resources

-  To monitor measure and analyze the process and objectives of Management System., Objective measurement forms have been drawn to ensure organizational goals and measurements in specific time.

-  If the results of monitoring and measurements are not satisfactory, necessary measures should be taken in order to improve conditions and continual effectiveness of the processes.

It should be noted that in order to create a suitable infrastructure, such as implementing machinery and equipment, these affairs have been handed to outside contractors considering specific objectives regarding this issue in order to strengthen outputs by minor suppliers a control system has been implemented.