In 1953 a group of young Abadan Institute of Technology engineering graduates, who were employed by the National Iranian Oil Company, were contemplating the idea of forming a company to benefit from the opportunities of the industrialization plans of the nation. Being employed by NIOC, at the time, was prestigious and well paid.  only two of the group had the courage and determination to leave and form a limited liable company in 1955.the modest beginning included piping and sewage works for municipalities and small industries as well as housing  and steel structure fabrication and erection.

Excellent work record, rapid growth and larger project in sight necessitated many changes in company structure and formation. Company formation changed to Join Stock, new partners were taken and many professionals joined the company, majority of them with strong background in the oil industry.

Impressed by the achievements of the young Gamma, in 1962 NIOC top management entrusted the construction and erection works of Alborz Distillation Plant which had to be implemented on fast track basis. the success of the Project was a turning point and established Gamma as a pioneer Iranian construction company in the oil industry which led to further reorganization, addition of subsidiaries and growth. today, Gamma has over 100 projects in its record, many of them for the Oil, Gas and petrochemical industries as well as works for steel industry, Ports and Jetties, all successfully completed.

Company stability and earnest approach to work completion has encouraged many International companies from Europe, Far East, Japan, Korea, USA, etc. to cooperate with Gamma in Iran. We have completed projects with  cooperation of international companies as subcontractor or consortium partner.Our client satisfaction record, which we are very proud of, is evidenced by many letters of gratitude, recommendations and awards which we hold as our main precious asset.

In the past 14 years, Gamma’s attention has been mainly focused on South Pars Gas Field Development Projects in Assaluyeh and Tombak. An endeavor which continues to this date.

59 years has passed since the founders of Gamma set out to achieve what seemed almost impossible at the time.

The path was not easy for them and is not easy for us today. We are, however, determined to continue our endeavor to advance our Company technically and managerially and create a better company for the next generations.